New in VPN Tracker 365: TeamCloud Groups

Have you explored the exciting new TeamCloud features in VPN Tracker 365 yet? In the latest update, we've added support for TeamCloud Groups. Find out all you need to know and how to get started in our roundup post...

NEW: TeamCloud Groups

What are Groups?

TeamCloud Groups are a new addition to VPN Tracker 365 and give you full control over who can access your VPN connections and Shortcuts.

Need to share a connection to TeamCloud but don't want to grant everyone in your team access? Use TeamCloud Groups to quickly set up dedicated user groups for chosen team members - whether it's IT admins who need access to private company networks or remote workers who need to reach branch offices from home.

Use the new Groups feature to organise your team and easily grant or restrict VPN access where required.

Groups will also be compatible with other upcoming features in future releases, to allow teams to give new features or restrictions to just part of the team.

sharing a connection with a user group in teamcloud

Who can set up TeamCloud Groups?

In order to set up and manage dedicated TeamCloud Groups for your team, you will need:

  • A VPN Tracker 365 VIP license
  • Manager or Organizer status in your team (learn more)

You can set up a maximum of 15 Groups for your team. Feel free to let us know if you need more.

To receive a group connection, you need to be at least a member of the respective team and have a VPN Tracker 365 Team Member Plus or VIP license.

How to create TeamCloud Groups

Go to your Team in the VPN Tracker 365 sidebar menu and select User Groups. Here you can create new groups for specific use cases.

Once you have set up Groups, you will see them on the overview page. Click on a Group to manage its settings or add members.

new teamcloud groups feature

When you have set up connections for certain groups, you can view them here under Group connections.

Sharing a VPN connection with a Group in TeamCloud

When you export a VPN connection to share with your team, you can now choose pre-defined User Groups to share the connection with.

Select a connection to share, click Share with Team, then, go to Who can access and choose your Group:

Sharing a VPN connection with a user group in TeamCloud

What else is new in VPN Tracker 365 version 21.6?

The latest VPN Tracker 365 version also adds the following changes and improvements:

  • New sign in view
  • You can now set your account profile picture directly on
  • UI improvements in Sharing views
  • TeamCloud improvements
  • SonicWALL SCP: Compatibility improvements
  • OpenVPN: Compatibility improvements
  • Additional bugfixes and improvements

The new TeamCloud services are currently in the Beta stages. Please let us know if you experience any issues, or have any feedback.

Be the first to test new TeamCloud features

In addition to Group support, we have many more exciting new TeamCloud features coming up on our development roadmap.

As always, all the latest features will be exclusively available for Insider Program members to test and review before the official public release.

Find out more about beta testing.


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