That’s What You’ve Been Waiting For - Siri Shortcuts in VPN Tracker World Connect 1.1

We’ve updated VPN Tracker World Connect for iPhone and iPad. The new version 1.1 is now available on the App Store! It is packed with nice improvements and we’re really excited for you to try it.

Siri Shortcuts integration is a key feature of this update. Shortcuts make it easy to automate everyday tasks with iPhone or iPad - from launching a music app to ordering a taxi. So now you can connect to VPN just by tapping a shortcut icon, or even easier - by asking Siri!

It is also possible to combine multiple shortcuts into the one workflow. For example, you can open a website before starting your VPN Tracker connection, then connect to VPN and open that same page – all with one tap. To build your own Shortcuts, just go to the Shortcuts app and search for “VPN”. To add a custom Siri voice command for your preferred VPN destination, go to the Connection view and tap the “Add to Siri” button.

Our global network of secure servers is always expanding. This time we’ve added more international destinations - welcome Italy, Hong Kong and Philippines! You can already check out the connection and test the speed – they’re really fast, aren’t they?

Finally, we’ve improved stability and performance of the app to make sure you have a smooth VPN experience.

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