Mail Designer 365 1.2 – the Teamwork update

Mail Designer 365 version 1.2 has officially landed and it's our biggest update so far! It includes all-new teamwork features, as well as brand new design tools to give you even more creative control over your email designs. 

Some of the new features are only available with Mail Designer 365 Business or Premium Business, so we're also introducing cross upgrades – now available via your account.

Teamwork Tools

Available in Mail Designer 365 Business Plans

Say hello to the team workflow you’ve always been waiting for. The brand new Teamwork feature in Mail Designer 365 simplifies your team workflow process and makes newsletter design more productive and efficient than ever before.

Get started: build up your newsletter team and purchase and assign Mail Designer 365 Business or Premium Business plans to colleagues. Then you’re ready to go!

Add helpful feedback and comments to specific design elements and @tag your team members to get their ideas too.

You can now also add todos. Simply select your team member from the drop down list to assign them newsletter tasks.

How it works

  • Add your comments, todos, and feedback to the design.
  • Use Mail Designer 365's Lending feature to add a personalised message and lend the design to another team member.
  • When your team member opens the design, they will see all of your feedback under Teamwork.
  • Now the team member can complete their todos, add comments, and send the design back to you

Quick, easy, and super productive teamwork ✅

Create Design Borders

Available in Mail Designer 365 Business Plans

You asked for it, we made it happen! You can now add a custom border to your email design. Access the brand new borders tool by clicking on the background area of your design.

Create your own border: experiment with style, thickness, and color to create the perfect border for your email design. To produce cool and unique effects, you can also edit each edge of your border individually.

The border tool also allows you to quickly edit the entire inner background of your design; meaning no more fiddling around with editing all of your layout blocks individually!

New Design Ideas

Variety is the spice of life! We’ve added three inspiring, new design ideas to keep your design library modern and up-to-date. As always, these design ideas are license-free and available for you to use for creative and commercial purposes. 

New and Improved Subject Line Editor

Your subject line is now visible at the top of the design window, allowing you to keep an eye on your key mission statement.

Optimized Testmails

 The new and improved Mail Designer 365 Testmail service offers better deliverability rates when performing test sends. Now you can be sure that your testmails will be delivered quickly and efficiently, and won't land in your spam folder.

Getting set up with Testmail is easy; simply enter in your email address and click "Request verification." Following this, you should instantly receive an email to the address you entered. Click on the email link to confirm and verify your email address for testing.

The status of your email address will be immediately confirmed as "verified" once you have clicked the email link.

Streamlined User Interface

Efficiency is key. In order to make your email design process more efficient, we’ve also made a few changes to the app’s interface for a more streamlined effect.

NEW: Access Unsplash, Textures, and your own photos all in one place.

NEW: Quickly and accurately adjust your design width by pixel.

Additional Improvements

  • Pixel-precision adjustment controls for the width of your design
  • Set or delete your main content background right from the sidebar
  • Toggling layout view via the space-bar now works more reliably
  • An issue with layout guides in very large documents has been fixed
    Overall stability improvements

We hope you will start to explore all of these great new features straight away. If you purchased Mail Designer 365 from our website, check for updates to make sure you are up to date. If you purchased from the Mac App Store, we expect to have the new version out later this week – or use the direct download right away.

If you have suggestions for feature updates or improvements, let us know. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Stay creative!

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