Why it's better to "refresh" a car battery than to jump start it

Till Schadde CEO equinux
Interview with CEO Till Schadde about the new tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart

equinux introduces the tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart, with a so called “refreshing” function for weak car batteries. 

Till Schadde: The normal jump start function stresses the external battery so much that cells “die”. Therefore, on average, external jumper batteries only last for between 20 and 30 jumps before the battery cells become so strongly degenerated that the battery is no longer useable for this purpose. You can compare a jumper battery to an ink cartridge from a printer. At some point, the ink is simply all used up and the cartridge no longer works.

For a long time, we have been studying user commentaries from competing products in order to comprehend the market. Many users don’t understand how the external battery works and expect that it will maintain a similar operating life as a regular battery.  We took this opportunity to find an alternative way to “refresh” the car battery without having to jump start. We basically decided on a similar approach to charging iPhones. We gently recharge the car battery with the tizi Kraftprotz in order to preserve the battery. That means, you’ll need to wait 10-15 minutes to give the the car battery enough juice to start. This “refreshing” is very effective and is gentle to the Kraftprotz. This way, it’s also possible to charge a diesel which could not be jump started.

Does the Kraftprotz fully charge my car battery in 10 to 15 minutes?

Till Schadde: No, the car battery clearly can’t completely charge in such a short time. We’re talking about “refreshing”. The Kraftprotz charges the car battery enough that it has a chance to start. 

Does this mean that the tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart doesn’t support the “stressful” jump start you mentioned before?

Till Schadde: On the contrary. It does, and degenerates each time it is used to jump start a car. As I said before, any jumper battery can only be used somewhere from 20 to 30 times to jump start a car. So if you jump a car 5 times in a row, the external battery degenerates by 5 jump start possibilities. Both methods of battery help are clearly explained in the included manual. Those who are in a rush and need to leave immediately, use the jump start. Those who can wait 10 to 15 minutes, use the “refresh” function and recharge their car’s battery.

Can I use the “refresh” function with a diesel car as well as an unleaded?

Till Schadde: Yes. The “refresh” function can be used for all car types. For diesels, we suggest at least 20 minutes.

There are already similar batteries on the market for jump starting cars. Why should  someone choose the tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart over others?

Till Schadde: The Kraftprotz is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. For example, to charge an iPad: we have a lawyer on his way to to the courthouse. While exiting his vehicle, he reales he forgot to charge his iPad, where all of his files are located. What should he do? With the Powerstart in his glovebox, he can easily charge his iPad. The Kraftprotz has a high quality aluminium design instead of the typical boxy, electrician’s cube look. Because of its stylish look, you can take the Kraftprotz with you without having to hide it.This was really important to us 😉

How do I re-charge my Kraftprotz and how long does it take?

Till Schadde: It’s best to charge the Kraftprotz overnight for at least 10 hours. If you plan on storing the Kraftprotz for a longer period of time, we suggest withdrawing a bit of capacity by possibly hooking up and charging your iPhone for 10 minutes. This is good for the Kraftprotz since batteries don’t like to be stored on a full stomach.

Find out more power facts regarding the brand new mobile battery "mothership" tizi Kraftprotz Powerstart and the mighty brother tizi Kraftprotz on tizi.tv.  

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