Using a DELL SonicWALL VPN with your Mac

If your company uses a Dell SonicWALL IPsec VPN gateway, you'll need additional software to use it with your Mac. The good news is VPN Tracker has supported SonicWALL VPNs since 2002.

How to set up your SonicWALL VPN

First, download VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker works with all versions of OS X, starting with OS X 10.5 all the way up to the very latest release,  macOS High Sierra.

Next, create a new VPN connection and choose the specific SonicWALL model your VPN uses.

VPN Tracker DELL SonicWALL.png

Since every VPN gateway tends to be a bit different, we've created custom setup guides for all of the different brand and models supported with VPN Tracker, including detailed specific guides for SonicWALL models and the different setups they support. These are updated for the latest settings and included with your VPN Tracker plan.

Choose your configuration guide and follow its instructions carefully.

If you get stuck or run into any issues, our VPN support team is ready to help you work through any problems. VPN Tracker has a built-in tool to request support for your specific connection – great support is part of the service.

VPN Tracker conncet to DELL SonicWALL.png

Once you're all configured and your connection is working, sign up for an equinux account to take it for a free test drive. Once you're happy it's working, you can sign up for a VPN Tracker 365 plan.

Happy VPN-ing!

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