The mountain soars…Mail Designer Pro hits new creative highs with the new version 2.5



Get your App-pack ready! Mail Designer Pro 2.5 (download here) has been totally optimized for Apple’s newest operating system, OS X El Capitan. Take your creative workflow to a whole new level with the evamped user interface and next generation of features such as: Split View, our optimized sidebar and the new Paragraph Styles.

Working side-by-side: With Split View it’s even easier to put together a fantastic newsletter. Split your screen into 2 workable spaces creating an ideal situation for engaging two apps at the same time. Split View is perfect for compact laptop screens and truly amazing on a cinema display!

Ready for the creative sidekick? All of your beloved  Mail Designer tools can now be found in the integrated Sidebar instead of the floating palette. This makes using tools even more convenient, effective, and fun.

  • Easier access to new layout blocks
  • Direct access to design tools and your Photos App
  • Create and edit Intuitive styles
  • Convenient view and entry of protocol

Watch Split View in action…

News for stunning typography. Paragraph formatting with more control! You got the style? Of course you do! Headlines, running text, captions — with the new Style tool,  it’s easy to create a uniform look and your very own font styles for your text areas in Mail Designer pro. Now it’s easy to format your very own font styles using the handy Sidebar. You'll even be able to see what it'll look like on an iPhone or iPad!

Get in the Mood – new inspirational content collection: Stay on top of the ball and implement the hippest email trends. Our new background designs set exactly the right mood for your emails. Just drag-and-drop pictures into your newsletter and give it a whole new, incredible look!

Further one you will find new professional photo headers: With more than 20 brand new artworks, you’re sure to find just the right design to make your newsletter stand out from the crowd.

Existing Mail Designer Pro users get the new features and can update to 2.5 free-of-charge now on the Mac App Store and at the equinux website ( Mail Designer Pro 2.5 is available for just $49.99 (regular $89.99) for a limited time only.


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