Security all-in! VPN Tracker 365 is here and ready for OS X El Capitan

The world never sleeps and neither does VPN Tracker. With the new VPN Tracker 365 Plan, users can immediately start protecting their data connections on all Macs around the clock.

Upgrading now has many advantages.

Why VPN Tracker 365?

• One plan works with all of your personal Macs
• Support and updates for all OS X releases included
• Frequent updates with new features and improvements
Continuous security updates and threat monitoring
• All-new team management system
Remote Connection Lock service for extended protection
Secure Drop: Highly secure, zero-config encrypted file-sharing for secure collaboration
• VPN Tracker 365 terms include licences for all VPN Tracker (from version 6) for all Mac OS X installations from 10.6 to OS X El Capitan and newer

The new VPN Tracker 365 Plan protects all data connections on Macs for all current VPN Tracker versions (from version 6) as well as the new VPN Tracker 365 for OS X El Capitan. New customers can upgrade to VPN Tracker 365 now starting at only $6.99 (6,49 Euros) per month. Existing customers may review their discounted upgrade rates and ascertain an appropriate Plan directly via the VPN Tracker website.

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