3 things you'll love and hate in iOS 9

iOS 9 will be out today – so how does it measure up? Here are some thoughts and tidbits after a few weeks of playing with it:


1.The new keyboard
The new keyboard finally shows whether you're typing uppercase/lowercase.

2. iCloud Drive
The Finder comes to iOS! No more hunting within apps to find your files, everything's in one simple place.

3. Notes app
Park notes and snippets from other apps in a note. It's like a system-wide persistent clipboard. Then share it out again — really useful!


Finder for the iCloud drive!
Here it is: The Finder for the iCloud Drive!


1. Siri search
Results can be a bit disorganized. Sometimes they're great, other times not so much. Needs to work a bit more consistently.

2. San Francisco
The new system font is good, but feels a bit heavier and more awkward than HelveticaNeue in places. Might need some fine-tuning.

3. Low Power Mode
It's a great placebo, but doesn't really give you that much more juice. Might help in an emergency, but no tizi Flachmann replacement.

Siri search results are sometimes a bit confusing.
Siri search results are sometimes a bit confusing.


1. App switching
Help, where are my apps? The icons are too small, the card animation too busy, the direction all mixed up. How's starting the petition to bring back the old switcher?

2. Two-finger cursor positioning
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Particularly finicky if you're already typing. Room for improvement (or maybe it'll be better with 3D touch).

3. News in Siri Search
How can you customize your news? No options to be found anywhere (and News.app not available outside the US)?

That's it! If you're getting ready to put iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad, be sure to check out our tizi accessories now available from Amazon!



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