Good Teams Communicate

In the hustle and bustle of everyday work, it's easy to forget to communicate with your team. You know what you're working on, why write a long email about it? But bringing everyone up to speed on projects, releases or new initiatives is important for overall team performance and a culture of trust.

So how do you get your message across?

Avoid the meeting trap

A lot of teams compensate for poor internal communication by having lots of meetings. And to make sure nobody feels left out of the loop, everyone is invited to all the meetings — a great way to waste a lot of time 🙂

Death by 1000 meetings

Avoid boring emails

We all get them: thousand word emails that you don't really want to read (especially not on a smartphone). Nobody really reads them – people might skim through, if you're lucky.

Internal emails don't have to be ugly – market to your co-workers.

The big secret? If something needs to be said, you need to sell your message to co-workers in an attractive, visual package – just like your communication with customers. Use visuals, photos, pull-quotes and other style elements to present your message in an engaging way. It'll help get the message across and get every in the team up to speed.

Attractive internal emails

As an added bonus, packaging your message in an attractive internal email can be a great way to refine your message before you go live and tell the world.

But won't it take a lot of time?

Not with the right tools 🙂 We built an add on for Mail Designer called Team & Business Communication, which offers designs for exactly these types of emails. Whether you're announcing a new project, updating everyone with the latest sales numbers, or introducing a new hire, Team & Business has got you covered. Check it out.

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