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Who doesn’t love their smartphone, right? This love-affair is a world-wide phenomenon. More than one billion people around the globe are swiping and typing as you read this. The performance values of modern devices are shooting up to new heights: Whether Apple’s A8 chips or the newest  Snapdragons – Apple, Samsung, Nvidia and Qualcomm are constantly pushing the limits of performance for their mobile processors so that we can enjoy HD gaming, super high speed internet, and slow motion videos while out and about.


Find ways to keep your batteries fit

But the problem with this constant boost of performance is that batteries are being pushed to their limits. Despite the fact that the leading smartphones have actually doubled their battery capacity in the last couple of years (the iPhone 6 Plus now uses a 2.915 mAh battery), most smartphones batteries don’t even last a day.  This is truly cumbersome for businesses or anyone else who counts on their devices functioning throughout the day. The good news is, that with the right amount of care, it’s possible to extend the life of your batteries.

We’ll get you up-to-date with the leading myths revolving around batteries, since things have greatly changed over the years. Most batteries used in mobile devices today are either lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po).


iphone_enThe best time to charge

Here is the most gentle way to re-charge: don't let your battery get under 30% before plugging it in. You don't have to wait till the battery is almost empty, it's safe to start re-charging from 70% on.


The life of battery is longer than you think 

Here’s the truth about your battery’s life: As a rule, batteries can manage around 1,000 full charges (cycles).  If you charge your battery while it’s at 50% then you only use a half cycle. If you charge your smartphone battery daily, it should last up to 3 years before it loses capacity.
In fact, frequent charging might actually extend your battery’s life. And the idea that one needs to “train” their battery is also a thing of the past. Li-ion batteries are intelligent and don’t memorize the last charging status like their predecessors, the NiMH batteries. While out and about, you can use the tizi Fachmann or tizi Kraftprotz  to rejuvenate your smartphone or tablet.


More SPEED — Charge your batteries faster

Of course there’s no risk involved with charging your iPhone with the Apple charging device. However, there are ways to charge your devices faster and more gently. The new iPhone 6 comes with a 5 watt charging cable which “only” delivers up to 1A power despite the fact that the new iPhone 6, just like the ipad, can be charged with higher power, up to 2.1 A. With their high power ports, specialized charging devices, such as the tizi Tankstelle, tizi Tankstation, and tizi Turbolader, can charge your iPhone double as fast as the included Apple charging cable.



Charge every device gently and with the right level of power 

Is this really possible? Yes it is! Our tizi Tankstation, as well as the tizi 3x Turbolader MEGA, is equipped with Auto Max Power technology. This dynamically recognizes the appropriate charging power for each USB device. Whether an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Kindle, or Nexus, every family of devices receives exactly the right amount of amperage. As soon as you plug it in, the tizi Tankstelle “assesses” what is needed. The “charging monitor” then recognizes your device and what level of power it requires.
Note: The management of this procedure weighs heavily on the individual manufacturer of the device. The “charging monitor” then takes care that the battery remains in a “safe zone” so that it doesn’t get too warm, over charge, or under charge. In general, it can be said that Apple uses high quality power controllers and power management ICs. The life expectancy of a battery (also known as cycle stability), as stated in the points above, can also be influenced by the user.


Be aware of high quality charging cables 

flipRule #1 - The best charging cable is the one you have with you. A little tip: our tizi Schlingel Lighting cable easily attaches to your keychain so you never leave home without it!
Rule #2 - Try to find charging cables which are Apple certified (MFI - Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod), such as the tizi Flip or the tizi Schlingel, to be sure that the Apple specifications are upheld. Apple has very strict guidelines for certifying accessories and monitors  their compliance meticulously.
For example, Apple  has set a maximum resistance in order to deliver enough power to devices and sets limits for the crosstalk and signal quality for USB data cables. Generic or cheap merchandise from Asia is much less likely to hold true to these safety standards. Using these products could result in an early demise of the lifecycle of your battery.

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