We got you covered! No worries for a smooth move with your iTunes library - here’s how…


We all know the problem - Wham bam! The newly installed SSD on your Mac is full to the brim. What’ll you move to the external drive? Normally, video and audio libraries are first in line for emigration. Why not move your iTunes songs to a new home to save some space? If you’ve already assigned covers to your music with CoverScout, you don’t have to worry about losing the artwork during relocation.


Forever united
Whether top 10, special editions, bootlegs, live recordings, or your own mixes, CoverScout helps you find covers for every song. CoverScout even continues working hard in the background,  saving your covers directly to the ID3 tags of your songs. This means that the picture data is always available in full quality, no matter where you might copy your tracks to in the future. The best thing is, CoverScout does this all automatically so you can just chill out, relax, and enjoy the tunes.

Have you been thinking of a possible alternative to iTunes? As soon as your covers are saved to the ID3 tags, they will show up in other apps, operating systems, or music players such as  Tomahawk,  or Highend-FLAC-Players such as Fidelia. Oh yeah, your high quality covers will even show up in your DJ software too such as, djay or Traktor DJ.


Some hints: Outsourcing your iTunes library
Before you make the big move, make sure to run a Time Machine Backup of your system first, and then, open iTunes.

• Go to File > Library > choose Organize-Library
• Choose Consolidate Files
Now close iTunes; You can now copy the complete iTunes folder onto your new hard-drive. Caution: The copying process will take a very long time.

After copying, open iTunes while holding the alt key and choose the iTunes Library data with the data ending >.itl < in your iTunes Folder, found on your external hard-drive.

Discover more features from CoverScout here.

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