First look: Outlook for iOS email standards support

Microsoft has just released Outlook for iOS, a brand new iOS version of their combined email, calendar and contact management app. Outlook for Windows and Mac is still hugely popular in many enterprise environments, so the iOS version is sure to appeal to a lot of those users.

Since Mail Designer Pro is designed to create mail-optimized emails, we checked out the new version of Outlook right away, to figure out which email features it supports. Our initial findings are very positive: Outlook for iOS supports the latest email techniques, including responsive design, gifs and web-fonts.


Outlook for iOS - Mail Designer Pro responsive email

Inline video playback isn't supported, but the fallback link to your video file will open just fine in Safari.

Mobile email with video

Outlook for iOS also has full iPhone 6 Plus support, including a split-view landscape layout, so users will really benefit from Mail Designer Pro's mobile-optimized email width.

modern email

If you look closer, it turns out that Outlook for iOS is actually a rebranded version of Accompli — the email app Microsoft acquired in December. Still, it's great to see a version of Outlook embrace modern email design standards.

Check out Outlook for iOS on the App Store.

Check out Mail Designer Pro on the Mac App Store.

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