5 Mail Designer Pro tips for your successful Black Friday and sales campaigns


1. Use strong background designs
Trigger emotions with background designs stimulating the recipient. The design should look good both on a desktop as well as a mobile device. With the help of Mail Designer Pro, high definition pictures stay crisp on the newest smartphone screens.


Fonts_small2. Play with words
Mail Designer Pro 2 includes more than 500 different fonts, enticing the recipient with wordplay and tasty teasers, keeping them interested. Don’t forget about the fallback fonts to make sure everything remains readable. It’s easy to create fallback fonts with Mail Designer Pro.


3.Roll out the prices
Highlight special offers and sales by adding animations to your picture placeholders. It’s easy to combine many of our sales animations with your own numbers. If you can’t find something that fits, you can create your very own GIF animations and save them in a user slot. When integrating videos, be sure not to distract the reader from a purchase. Create BUY buttons which also work on mobile devices (at least 44x44).


4. Get to the point
buy_nowMobile newsletters need to get straight to the point! Keep it readable with a font size of at least 15pt. Concentrate on the hottest deals and avoid endless lists.


BlackFriday_iPhone65. Reality Check – simulate the newest mobile devices
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Landscape, Nexus 5, iPhone 4…check Designs with the build-in Mobile Preview in Mail Designer Pro. You can even add special dimensions . Use the Send Test Mail to email your design to yourself and colleagues for a compatibility check as well as feedback. Hey, if your mom buys it, you know you’ve succeeded!

Get the new Mail Designer Pro 2 for only 44.99 Euros on the Mac App Store now. Compare all features of the complete Mail Designer product line. 

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