Mail Designer Pro 2: 50% off for everybody - We love the Mac App Store!

In the past few weeks we've seen a lot of app developers turn their back on the Mac App Store, choosing to focus on their own websites and stores instead. With Mail Designer Pro 2, we've decided to go a different route and are doubling down on the Mac App Store:

The next generation of Mac users

The Mac App Store is a huge opportunity for every Mac developer: Apple recently smashed another Mac sales record, increasing sales by 21% year over year. So there are a huge number of new Mac users joining the platform. But these users are used to the App Store model of buying apps, so they spend less time researching and finding the perfect app. Instead, the price plays much more important role: if the price is right, they'll give you a shot.

Mail Designer Pro 2: Upgrade pricing for everyone

We've decided to fully commit to the Mac App Store and are pleased to offer 50% off Mail Designer Pro 2 – the upgrade price is for everyone! Instead of only allowing long-time Mac users to enjoy this amazing new price, we'd like to welcome new Mac users by offering them this incredible deal as well. Everyone can get Mail Designer Pro 2 for just $49.99 instead of $99.99!

This is an incredible deal for a professional design tool and newsletter design professionals will recoup the cost in less than an hour. It's our commitment to great apps on the Mac App Store.

Get the all new Mail Designer Pro 2 today – available on the Mac App Store for just $49.99.

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