Switching from Cisco VPN Client to VPN Tracker hassle-free

You’re looking for an alternative to Cisco’s Mac VPN client? Cisco previously discontinued support for its Cisco VPN IPsec Client. With Yosemite ahead, you may be looking for a rock-solid alternative: VPN Tracker allows you to connect your Mac to your Cisco gateway smoothly.

Import your Cisco VPN Connection

Switching to VPN Tracker is easy: Pull up VPN Tracker’s "import" menu and choose your .pcf connection files. VPN Tracker will automatically import your connections. VPN Tracker supports all Cisco VPN Client connection files that use group password authentication.

Easy setup with Cisco EasyVPN

VPN Tracker supports the simplified configuration and administration of VPN connections through Cisco EasyVPN. VPN Tracker also includes a generic device profile for Cisco VPN gateways that support EasyVPN. This profile allows you to set up VPN Tracker without having to know the exact Cisco VPN gateway that's on the other end of the connection.

VPN Tracker has specific settings that can speed up connecting to Cisco devices and improve compatibility.

You can try VPN Tracker 30 days for free. You’re already running OS X Yosemite? Take an early look at VPN Tracker 8 Beta - it’s also free.

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