The power cure for your tizi battery

chargerWith the help of the new tizi charger, you can bring your  tizi, tizi+ oder tizi beat bag back to life.  In just 3.5 - 4 hours, your tizi battery will be completely revived and ready to go!  

Powerful yet gentle charging technology
A sustainable rejuvenation for your tizi battery. The tizi charger comes equipped with an intelligent charging processor. After the initial “Fast Charge Phase”, the tizi charger switches gears to the “Gentle Phase” where it tenderly fills up the battery to the brim. This process prolongs the life of the battery and is environmentally friendly.

Find connections everywhere
The tizi charger becomes your energy hub for your tizi battery via any USB port. Plug your compact charger into your PC, iPhone power supply, or your tizi power.

Save 30%! Start your spring with full power!
Enjoy the sunshine and get out with your tizi and tizi beat bag. Meanwhile, let your tizi charger prepare your backup battery at home so the juice just keeps on flowing! With our Introductory Offer, we’ll throw in a free spare battery along with the purchase of a tizi charger. You’ll save more than 30% off the regular price with the Bundle Deal.

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