Email for millions - why digital email marketing works


Ding! Despite Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc... email is still the most important digital channel for online marketing. Email marketing is also growing: professional online email services report that in 2013, there was a 13% increase in newsletter projects that were sent.  The well known email test platform, Litmus, tested more than 3 million newsletter projects last year alone!


Why is email so perfect for digital marketing?

That’s easy. Email marketing is effective, cost efficient, and easy to implement.
In addition, the opening rate of the newsletters can be reviewed, and statistics show, these emails normally receive more clicks than a flashy, rectangular banner found on the relevant blog site. The best part is, with an email, you reach your exact target group.


New challenges: from Gmail Tap to Mobile View

Email experts have a multitude of technical, as well as content and design based  challenges to face:

My email receivers are alway on the go...  
How do I create an email design for mobile devices that works?

My receivers are under a lot of stress...
How do I create a subject which catches the eye and is not lost by Gmail Tap?

 My receiver gets 125 emails a day...
How do I create layouts which perfectly convey my content on small displays and stand out from the competition?


If you want to create newsletters, it should be clear that you should....

  • avoid flashy JPG
  • avoid copied printed ads
  • avoid inflated banners
  • avoid cloned, one paged websites

Once you’ve internalized these points, your next email campaign can begin using Mail Designer and Mail Designer Pro.

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