Text Perfect: Birthday Wishes

We've all been there: You've found the perfect birthday card, sit down to write a message and… nothing. Or even worse – you start writing and run out of steam halfway through!

A little bit of creative inspiration can go a long way — that's why we made a new feature for Stationery Pack called Text Perfect: Birthday Wishes.

Text Perfect: Birthday Wishes is a collection of ready-to-use messages for your Stationery Pack cards. The Birthday Wishes collection includes over 150 messages for all your loved ones and are perfect for your Stationery Birthday Cards.

Here it is in action:

Choose whose birthday it is and Text Perfect will show you suitable messages for Mom, Grandpa, your kids, friends or whoever else you need to send a card to. There are special messages for special birthdays (21st, 50th etc.). We've included funny as well as heartfelt messages, so there's a perfect message for everyone.

Check out Text Perfect: Birthday Wishes – now available in the free Stationery Pack app.

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