A real muscle man for weak batteries

25_krafrtprotz_cryAlready on iOS 7? Have you found yourself turning off services to save battery life? Get tizi Kraftprotz and leave your fear of dead batteries behind! tizi Kraftprotz is your strong friend for weak batteries: It can recharge two USB devices simultaneously. iPad users will particularly  love the High Power port to quickly recharge the device as fast as with the original power adapter. tizi Kraftprotz's high capacity (10.000 mAh) lets you recharge your iPhone up to 5 times. tizi Kraftprotz power uses Apple's fast charging technology. But you can of course charge any mobile gadget that can be charged via USB on a Mac or PC.

Btw, a "Kraftprotz" in German means a muscle man ... time to get yours - available now at Amazon across Europa for just EUR 69.99 (£59.99).

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