Spot Maps has landed!

At equinux, we have a ton of Macs, iOS devices, our in-house storage and build server infrastructure, plus our VPN network testing labs. Keeping all of this infrastructure up & running is super important – not a lot gets done when the network goes down in a building full of developers!

Keeping network diagrams up-to-date and making sure IP addresses and other information is current can be a real pain, so we decided to come up with a better solution:

Spot Maps combines the powerful network scanning engine we first introduced in VPN Tracker 7 and all new design tools. Instead of copying IP addresses into a basic graphics editor, you can simply drag live network results into your map.

Most network tools tend to be tricky when working with multiple networks, but we really wanted something that would give us the flexibility to create separate documents that we can share with the teams that need them: a map for our admins, one to give our website team an overview of those servers, one for our VPN team with the testing networks… Spot Maps gives us that: you can create separate documents for all your networks: Map your office network, servers, home entertainment devices and more.

It turns out Spot Maps is also a great way to access services on our network without having to look up URLs, IP addresses, ports etc. Go to a device on the map and double-click to access web-configuration pages, Screen Sharing, file shares and more.

Our favorite feature has got to be Live Mode: hit the big red button and Spot Maps continuously refreshes the map. As soon as a device goes offline, a cool animation pops up and Spot Maps notifies you that something has changed. It's really soothing to watch systems come online – all right there and live.

Try yourself or get it for just U$39.99 at our online store.

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