Introducing the Brand New tizi Aerial Adapter

Today we released our super-fancy, super-simple tizi Aerial Adaper! As portable as tizi is, lots of the tizi community enjoy using it just at home for convenience. tizi@Home mode makes this especially fun as it means you can link tizi up to your Wi-Fi so you can watch TV on your iPad or iPod that doesn't have 3G and still surf the web while the adverts are on!

However with this little addition you can connect your tizi to an external digital TV (DVB-T) antenna or rooftop aerial. Lots of homes now have these installed and we expect this will help out our customers that live in areas with less than desirable signal strength.

Especially handy if you're in an area with poor reception or a house with especially thick walls or have a holiday home in the middle of nowhere.

Head over to to pick up one for yourself.

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