Mail Designer meets MailChimp

When we first released Mail Designer, we knew that one of the most popular use cases would be for creating email newsletters. So we're very pleased to announce our first email marketing service API partner, MailChimp!

You can now export designs directly from Mail Designer up to MailChimp. So you can create stunning designs and send them to your subscribers with MailChimp's powerful distribution service. We've also built-in support for MailChimp's placeholders, so you can take advantage of their powerful mail merge capabilities and build-in links to forward your newsletters, manage subscription preferences and more.

MailChimp have free and paid plans, so if you plan on sending messages to a larger customer base, or just want to have more flexibility and control over your campaigns, check out their service.

Other mail services

A lot of you have also contacted us and asked about support for other email services. Mail Designer now offers an API that third-party services can use to built their own Mail Designer plug-ins. If you have an email service you would like to create a plug-in for Mail Designer, please get in touch.

We think you're going to love MailChimp integration and the extra power it adds to Mail Designer, let us know if you have any thoughts!


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