Mac App Store: Questions & Answers

The Mac App Store is here – hooray! We've received a few questions about equinux apps on the Mac App Store and thought we'd share them with you…

Question: Will you sell equinux apps through the Mac App Store?

Answer: Yes! We already offer CoverScout, SongGenie, iSale and iSale express on the Mac App Store.

Question: Can I update equinux apps through the Mac App Store?

Answer: That depends on how you bought your software. Any apps purchased on the Mac App Store can be updated using the update feature built-in to the Mac App Store. If you purchased your software elsewhere (e.g. in the equinux Online Store), you can update using the built-in update feature found in all equinux software.

Or see for details 🙂

Question: Why does my software not show up as "installed" in the Mac App Store?

The Mac App Store will recognize any applications you have installed on your Mac and will mark them as already installed. But if the currently installed version is different than the version being offered in the Mac App Store, it won't be recognized correctly and you will see a "buy" button instead.

Question: Is there a difference between equinux software bought in the Mac App Store and software bought in the equinux Online Store?

Answer: No. Our products in the Mac App Store offer the same features and functionality as our software purchased anywhere else. There are some Mac App Store specific changes related to update functionality and purchasing options, but the apps are otherwise identical.

For technical reasons, the version numbers of our App Store apps are currently different than the non-app-store versions (e.g. the Mac App Store version of CoverScout is 3.4, the non-App-Store version is currently at 3.3.2) , but there's no difference between the two.

Question: Can you swap my equinux software for the Mac App Store version?

Answer: Unfortunately Apple doesn't offer a way to swap existing software for the corresponding Mac App Store software. But there's no difference in functionality and we'll continue to offer updates for both versions of our software.

That's all for now – if anything else comes up, we'll let you know here or on twitter. Have fun on the Mac App Store!

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