Barbecue HD - bigger, better, tastier.

Summer is around the corner and at equinux HQ that means just one thing: Barbecue season. After the success of last year's eye-catching iPhone app, you can now get your teeth into the mouth-watering Barbecue HD for the iPad on the App Store.

Taking full advantage of the extra screen real estate on the iPad, our new Barbecue HD means iPad users can now see the steaks, hot dogs and kebabs in incredible detail and high resolution.

You can pick up and get a closer look at your steaks using your fingertips, and make sure they're grilled exactly to order. We've also included new serving suggestions with new tablecloths, cutlery, serving plates and side dishes.

But above all else, it's the attention to detail and amazing high resolution graphics that make the iPad come alive. When we originally published the Making of Barbecue, we wrote that the iPhone 3GS allowed for faster graphics processing. The sheer size of the iPad and large screen resolution means we can now showcase the best of the 160GB of photographs taken in full glory.

Every scorch, singe and sizzle can be seen and heard on the iPad exactly as originally visioned.

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