equinux Tips: Albums with incomplete Artwork

By January 18, 2010CoverScout

A number of you guys have asked us this, so we thought we’d share this CoverScout 3 tip with everyone:

How can you easily fix an album with “incomplete artwork”?

Say you have an album with 12 songs, but only one of those songs has artwork. CoverScout allows you to filter for those albums, so you can apply that one cover you already have to all your other songs in that album.

Just switch to track view and drag the artwork from one song to the album thumbnail  to apply that cover to all the other songs:

This shortcut should make it easy to sort out your albums with incomplete artwork. If you have any questions, just get in touch!

– Your equinux Support Team

P.S. If you’re looking for alternative rock from Scotland  (isn’t everyone?), definitely check out Idlewild – we’ve been listening to their fantastic album “Warnings/Promises” all week.

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