Snow Leopard - our apps purr with the new Big Cat

You may have noticed that Apple came out with Snow Leopard on Friday. We just wanted to drop you a line that all of our consumer applications work really well with Mac OS X 10.6. You'll find none of them in the 'incompatible Software' list for Snow Leopard.

What does Snow Leopard mean to you: speed, refinement, change?
When it comes to your equinux software, what it doesn't mean is problems.

We've been busy testing all our apps to make sure they run just as well as they do on Leopard. Not only can we confirm that all of our latest apps (iSale 5, CoverScout 3, SongGenie, Stationery Pack,, Stationery Pack 2, The Tube and MediaCentral) work well with the new Big Cat but they also get a boost from the overall speed improvements which can be found in the new OS.

We haven't stopped there... we've also put iSale 4 and CoverScout 2 through their paces and like all great pieces of engineering - they were built to last. These apps purr just as nicely on Snow Leopard as they have been on Leopard for some time now.

So don't be afraid - upgrade now and be rest assured all your equinux software will continue to work as expected!

Using VPN Tracker to connect securely over the internet?

In short, VPN Tracker 5 runs without any problems on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard so long as your connection doesn't have any special Split-DNS settings. In fact, VPN Tracker actually gains from the faster operating system overall. If you're using Split-DNS find a solution here.

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