Wanted: Small, white and hot for great TV-viewing

You want it, you got it! equinux introduces the new mini TubeStick. Thanks to the latest chip technology, the new TubeStick comes in mini form and offers even sharper pictures and first class reception. Never before has digital TV on your Mac had this level of style! Its sleek white form follows the classic design that we love about Apple and will match your Mac perfectly. And because of its incredibly small dimensions, it's the ideal companion for mobile use. Check out the latest in cool that's sure to shake up the digital TV world.

And for a limited time only:

Get the TubeTalk Bundle - 2 complete TubeStick boxes for the special price of only 79.95 Euro (incl. VAT). Now you'll be able to chat with your girlfriend or boyfriend in TubeTalk.

Or, better yet, share TubeStick with your friends and family. The Family Pack offers you 5 complete TubeStick boxes for the price of 4 - only 199.80 Euro (incl. VAT).

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