VPN Tracker 5.3 adds Mode-Config support for Netgear devices and more.

VPN Tracker 5.3 now supports Mode Config for Netgear gateways. This will streamline VPN setup for thousands of current and potential VPN Tracker Users. Just be sure you have one of Netgear's Mode Config-capable VPN gateways. The supported devices include: FVS338, FVX538, FVS336G, DGFV338 and FVS124G.

This wasn't the only fine-tuning we have done. VPN Tracker 5.3 provides significantly improved device profiles for the most popular VPN gateways including new device profiles for the SonicWALL NSA 2400 Series.

VPN Tracker 5.3 also integrates even better into Mac OS X. The user interface contains numerous helpful improvements that make everyday work with VPN Tracker easier. These improvements include enhanced PPPoE-connections compatibility and the application of RSA secure ID tokens.

VPN Tracker 5.3 is a free update for all registered users of VPN Tracker 5. New licenses for VPN Tracker 5 are available at the equinux Online Store starting at € 69 (excl. German VAT). To test the latest version of VPN Tracker, visit the VPN Tracker download page.

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