Introducing the Next Generation of E-Mail. Introducing Stationery Pack 2.

Stationery Pack 2 sure packs a wallop. It offers more than 660 designs that are accessible from 122 wonderfully unique templates.

What is also great is that both Stationery Packs are available in the latest Stationery Pack application, so if you'd like to have a Quick Look at what it has to offer, simply download the new application. If you don't have time for the download, just visit our Stationery Pack 2 categories online. If you see a red corner, just click it for a subtle surprise - Just like in the application itself.

A little note from Till Schadde, CEO:
We are proud that Stationery Pack 2 expands Mac OS X Leopard with a new feature: interactive e-mail designs. Particularly MobileMe users, who used to send greeting cards with .Mac, find Stationery Pack, with its wealth of e-mail choices, an ideal successor with even more possibilities.

Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at from $49.95. The software will soon be available in a high-quality package and will be coming soon to an Apple retailer near you.

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