The greeting card has been sent and the flowers have been arranged, but why not surprise the Mom in your life with an unexpected email? equinux provides you with exactly what you'll need - a free Stationery Pack template for Leopard Mail, specially designed for Mother's Day.

Three steps to get your free template and make your Mom happy
1. Download Stationery Pack
To access our free Mother's Day template, just download and install Stationery Pack. You can also browse through the 111 other templates that are included in the full version of Stationery Pack.

2. Install free templates
Open Stationery Pack and when the feature screen appears, click on "Try Free Stationeries." Our Mother's Day template will then be installed into Mac OS X Leopard Mail.

3. Put a smile on your Mom's face
Toss in a photo, write a little note and make your Mom proud. Your favorite photos can be dropped into both the red heart and the center of the red daisy.

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