TubeStick Hybrid has arrived!

TubeStick hybrid meets the MacBook AirOur American customers will be surely be happy with this news - our new USB television receiver, TubeStick hybrid, is now shipping. Together with The Tube, equinux' TV viewing application, TubeStick hybrid brings both digital and analog television to Mac. The stylish white USB-stick and mini-antenna flow seamlessly with the current design of Apple products.

The intent of TubeStick hybrid, and specifically The Tube, is to bring the TV-community together and make it even easier to watch TV-recordings while on-the-go with one's iPod or iPhone.

With TubeStick hybrid and The Tube, television is just fun. You can watch a program, pause live TV, chat with the other The Tube users and record any program that you would like.

TubeStick hybrid is available now for $129 (USD) at the equinux Online Store (all orders placed at the equinux Online Store include free shipping within the continental United States) and will soon be available at local Apple retailers. Get yours today and enjoy!

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