Working out a few kinks

So, we hope all of you have been enjoying our latest version of iSale, iSale 5.x. With that said, we thought we'd help make your eBay experience that much better by coming out with a maintenance release that improves or fixes some of the new features in iSale 5.x.

For starters, the FTP picture plugin was improved. The plugin is now more reliable and configuration has been made much easier. Creating auctions from the eBay search plugin works properly now and shouldn't give you any problems. Additionally, auctions can now be edited again after they have been prepared for re-listing. And last but not least, multiple sections of the manual have been extended and improved, so you can find the answers to your questions quickly and easily.

For more information about this release and for a detailed list of all of the new features and fixes, please visit our website.

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