The TubeStick hybrid has landed. Where? The U.S.

At this year's Macworld, we announced the launch of the TubeStick hybrid. This small, compact TV receiver allows you to watch digital television, as well as cable television on your Mac. Our TV software, The Tube, is included with every TubeStick hybrid purchase, along with a white antenna for improved reception.

The Tube software, that has already gained wide-spread popularity in Europe and Australia, is best known for its affordability and array of features. Everything you need in one application: timeshift, scheduled recordings, and the ability to pause and rewind live television, etc. Additionally, The Tube offers new features, that are completely unique. The TubeTalk feature gives users the ability to chat within the application and discuss the current show. And the BuddySurfing feature allows you to channel surf with other users.

We're even making it possible to save and post your recordings to an FTP server like .Mac, with our optional web service, TubeToGo.

Watch. Chat. Record. Go.

Everything you need to watch TV on your Mac and have fun while you're doing it. For more information about TubeStick hybrid and TubeToGo, visit our website.

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