Just a little stocking stuffer for your Mac...

For all of you who are enjoying TubeTalk with The Tube 2.0, we've got some good news: Yesterday, we released The Tube 2.0.1. This maintenance release offers increased stability and adds a few new enhancements to the newest The Tube feature, TubeTalk.

For starters, signing in to TubeTalk is much faster, and the chat history is now saved when switching back and forth between channels. We've also improved the Spotlight search for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) users, and we've improved support for public channels in Austria (ORF).

The problem with entering a wrong password, and getting stuck in a continuous loop has been fixed... so no need to worry about that anymore. You also don't need to worry about disk space: If you're saving a recording on an external drive, The Tube will check the space on that and not the space on your internal drive.

That whole issue with the sidebar getting broken and elements of the sidebar disappearing has also been resolved. And last but not least, we've integrated a more flexible handling of iTunes locations (when exporting to iTunes).

So, as always – download the latest version and have fun with The Tube!

...And happy holidays from everyone here at equinux!

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