111 Templates for your Leopard Mail

equinux has just released its newest product, Stationery Pack. Stationery Pack adds 111 high-quality templates to your Leopard Mail (yes, Stationery Pack is designed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5). These templates are designed to help you personalize any type of e-mail you might want to send. The main categories include invitations, congratulations, business, leisure, sports, feelings and vacation. Each template comes with customizable drop zones (allowing you to adjust the size of the picture zones) and adjustable text fields (adjusting to length of your e-mail message). You now have a way to make your e-mails as personal as you'd like and better yet, you have a way to make all of your pictures stand out when you send them to friends and family. After all, picture attachments are sooooo 2006.

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