equinux finds one of the first iPhone-knockoffs

equinux finds one of the first iPhone-knockoffs

We're all used to seeing clones of popular consumer electronics products, but this time equinux trend scouts have uncovered an interesting knockoff that has hit sooner than expected: In the grey markets of southern China the "iPhone" is already readily available - and we were able to get our hands on one of these astonishing copies.

Whilst the packaging quickly reveals the origin of the product, the design of the device itself closely resembles the original. As with similar iPod knockoffs, the "iPhone" packs a lot of features:
- 2 Megapixel camera for photos and movies in MPEG4 format
- 2 SIM-Cards, which you can switch between on the fly
- WAP browser

- 64MB of built-in memory
- 256 MB micro SD Card in an expansion slot
- Stereo speakers on the front face and two additional speakers on the back that boast "3D Sound"
- USB-connector

Also included: a Stero-headset, an external power adapter, USB-cable and a second removable (!) battery.

Alas, as soon as you turn the device on, the forgery becomes obvious: The software doesn't even come close to the revolutionary experience promised by the real deal: The user is required to use a stylus to clumsily navigate through the menus, similar to using a PDA.

Here are some pictures:

iPhone_front iPhone_Back
inside stick front
box_2 box_front box_inside
manual manual_2 battery

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