iSale 4.1 - It's Google-icious

Today we are releasing the the 4.1 update for our award-winning eBay listing and management application iSale. This latest release offers a slew of updates that will make your eBay experience even simpler and more affordable.

Along with the all the updates and fixes we have impletemented two notable features that are each geared directly to existing iSale users. iSale now supports Google's Picasa Web Albums as an optional picture service. This will allow registered Google or Picasa users to host their own images thereby avoiding additional eBay listing fees. For those of you who are not registered with Picasa, don't worry, it's free. (Learn more about Picasa Web Albums)

Another great new feature is the ability to select multiple autions. Now you can more easily group, print, export and even delete multiple auctions all at the same time rather than doing so one-by-one. This is great for those iSalers who have libraries with over a hundred or possibly hundreds of auctions.

No iSale update without new template layouts. That is for sure. iSale is now offering more than 160 different template designs, to customize your auctions. The latest once we've added are dedicated mainly to collectibles or electronic items, but can be used for other category listings, too.

To view all the changes in this version have a look at the iSale latest feature page or download page. This update is free for all existing iSale 4.x users. Full versions are also available at our online store as well as through equinux Authorized Resellers.

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