Versatile is not enough

As if VPN Tracker was not compatible with more than 250 gateways already – we just added two more devices! Why that?

Well, first of all, because you asked us to. Every day, we receive emails requesting support for specific VPN devices. If you're an admin, you probably know that you can create connection profiles yourself. VPN Tracker is about making things simple, though, and what's simpler than selecting a pre-defined connection profile. So much for our motivation.

Now for the nerds: Secure Computing's Sidewinder G2® features a Zero-hour Attack Protections (ZAP™) technology (nice name!), and the EAL4+ certification (what the heck is that?) up its sleeve. The Mako Box is a true network device – fully configurable through Mako's website right after you plug it in. Even VPN tunnels can be configured using a web browser! That's what I call remote management.

The update also addresses some minor issues related to timeouts and I/O errors. In fact, the only person complaining about these was one of our own support engineers. He's happy now.

VPN Tracker 4.9.1 is free if you have a license for VPN Tracker 4. Without a license, the software is fully functional for 30 days (all connections will be terminated after three minutes).

For more info on VPN Tracker, please check out our website. Or go ahead and get a license today!

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