'Tis the season to watch DVD's - with MediaCentral 2.5!

Dolby® Digital Surround sound
Now MediaCentral supports Dolby® Digital Surround sound (AC3) - for the best DVD experience possible! Just hook your Mac up to your digital receiver, select the digital output and enjoy 5.1 surround sound.

We have also added a new DVD content menu where sound, angle, subtitle and audio track options can all be adjusted mid-movie. Now you have even more control over your movie and your DVD experience. Numerous performance enhancements have been made to MediaCentral 2.5 making it much faster, especially when navigating through very large DVD collections.
Turn on those holiday lights, make a bowl of popcorn, then sit down with family or friends and enjoy your favorite DVDs this holiday season with MediaCentral.

MediaCentral speaks your language
We're pleased to announce that MediaCentral is now available in several new languages: We've added Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch and Czech to bring the total up to 13 languages! Many thanks to all contributers - your support is greatly appreciated!

MediaCentral - Bebidas y palomitas no incluidas.

But wait - is your language still missing? Would you like to see MediaCentral in Japanese or another language? Get involved today! Just send us a short note to localization@equinux.com to become part of the community and start localizing.

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