iSale 3.3 - Welcome to the Express Lane

For this release we've added eBay Express support to iSale. Now eligible users can add items to eBay Express simply by selecting the option in the iSale details display.
The item Preview has also been adapted to enable you to switch between the regular eBay Preview and the new eBay Express Preview - so it's easy to make sure your listings look great on both platforms.

eBay Express is currently available in the US, the UK and Germany. To find out more about the requirements, visit the eBay Express selling checklist.

A free Trial Version of iSale can also be downloaded from our website.

Our new pricing structure now makes it easier and more affordable to use iSale on multiple macs:
iSale is now avaiable in three different Personal Packs: Single, Pro and Jumbo. The basic "Personal Pack Single" entitles you to use the software on a single Mac. The affordable multi-license Packs "Personal Pack Pro" and "Personal Pack Jumbo" are catered to those who want to manage their auctions from multiple Macs (e.g. home, work and mobile).

iSale can be purchased at your local Apple dealer as well as in our secure online store

*Local taxes may apply

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