Watch out the matchmaker is coming: CoverScout 2.2 is out

We bring together what belongs together! CoverScout 2.2 allows to easily copy artwork, that was originally applied by iTunes 7, into the music file as standard ID3 tag. You're asking yourself what the benefit is? Greater flexibility, elevated portability and boundless independance of iTunes 7 are key. Covers applied by CoverScout are attached to its corresponding title or album. So, no matter in which application you play the song, the artwork is shown. That's not all, CoverScout's interface now displays both, the current cover status and the cover type (Cover Flow vs. ID3) in the library browser.
To round things up, we've additionally fixed some minor issues and improved the compilation feature. Your compilations are now handled transparently as having no particular artist.
For all CoverScout 2.x users this update is free of charge.
Visit our website to learn more and download a fully featured trail version now.
For only $19.95/€19.95 you can purchase CoverScout directly at our secure online store or at one of equinux' authorized resellers. .

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