Get ready to update to CoverScout 2.1

CoverScout the must have for every iTunes/iPod user has been improved.

We know you have been longing for an updated version of CoverScout and here it is: CoverScout 2.1 is out there, waiting to be downloaded.
Go ahead and add covers to your iTunes library now much more efficiently. The new release offers an advanced search function with which you can search not only for artists but also entire albums. That's not all, also take a closer look at your found covers. To do so, we implemented a size slider that allows you to shrink or expand the preview size of the found artwork.
There is no stopping us in improving CoverScout. So, we asked ourselves: What's searching for album art without listening to your music? Consequently, we've added a new contextual menu item to let the music play, while CoverScout is searching and applying your artwork. Just click on the music title within the application. You want more? Okay, we've also included the possibility to view the source of your music files in the Finder.

To finalize the update, we worked hard on exterminating a couple of bugs. Therefore, the issue causing covers to be displayed upside down in 10.3.9 and 10.4 has been eliminated. Additionally, the occurence of the apple script error when assigning art to multiple albums has also been extinguished.

To enjoy CoverScout 2.1 and all new features, iTunes 6.0.2 or higher has to be installed.
Start to scout your covers and download CoverScout 2.1 today. For all existing CoverScout 2.x users this update is free of charge.
All others can purchase CoverScout at our online store.

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