MediaCentral 2.1 featuring Skype

You might have noted that we kept releasing new versions of our products during the past weeks. In fact, our developers are so excited about their new MacBooks Pro that they deliver improvements and new features by the minute. 🙂 Today, MediaCentral 2.1 became ready for release. The impressive list of feature now includes a seamless Skype integration, an active on-screen display (OSD) with dynamic content and a customizable user interface.

You want more entertainment - you got it. Lean back and enjoy your media library or get active and call your buddy. MediaCentral brings entertainment to the next level.

Take advantage of the new features and download MediaCentral 2.1 today!
The new version is a free update for all existing MediaCentral 2.x users. Others can easily buy a license using either MediaCentral's integrated purchasing system or through our Online Store.

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment!

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