iSale 3.2 released!

Ever dreamed of creating your own templates for iSale? Stop dreaming and start developing! iSale 3.2 brings you a detailed step-by-step guide on creating templates (HTML/CSS knowledge required). Design your favorite image background, place textboxes and picture zones - there's no limit within iSale's flexible template specification. Pimp your auction for greater success on eBay.

Detailed instructions on template creation are included in the iSale 3.2 manual. Go and get the new release today for the ultimate and unlimited design kick.

But wait - what if you'd like to rely on professional templates by equinux? Good news for you, too: After releasing Template Pack 3 some days ago, we are proud to bring you Template Pack 4, packed with exciting new designs.

To round up the latest release, a number of known issues have been fixed in iSale 3.2. These fixes include adjustments to the eBay Preview as well as an improved CSV Import function allowing 10.3.9 users to accurately import data.

For all iSale 3 customers this update is free of charge. Check out iSale 3.2 and have fun selling at eBay!

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