VPN Tracker 4.6 Beta 1B95 for Intel

Today equinux is releasing the first VPN Tracker Beta version that is ready for Intel based Macs. Since VPN Tracker integrates very deeply into the operating system it is impossible to run the current version within the Rosetta environment. We have been working hard on a version that runs on almost every system, PowerPC and Intel, from operating system 10.2.5 up to 10.4.4.

Amazed by the high number of requests for VPN Tracker for Intel based Macs, we decided to not keep early birds waiting any longer and release a public beta version that shows how much progress we made so far. All the low level and critical parts of VPN Tracker are universal already and so far there are no known issues running VPN Tracker on our new Intel Macs. So if you can't wait any longer for a release or if you would like to help us to speed up the development process, don't hesitate to try out VPN Tracker 4.6 Beta.


If you have any feedback regarding this beta or if you think you found an incompatibility on Intel based Macs, don't hesitate to contact us. Even if you have no problem and just want to let us know that it works great on your new iMac, we'd like to hear about it. Your feedback has always been welcome, but this time it is even more valuable for us than ever before.

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