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With On Air, Mac users can now take advantage of the imminent IP-based camera technology. In an innovative, broadcast-room style interface, On Air allows you to connect to economically priced PC-only supported network cameras to view and record.

With the introduction of On Air, not only are we introducing an innovative interface for managing multiple streaming data sources, but are also bringing an imminent technology to the Mac market. You can be sure that we'll be supporting more and more network cams in the future.
Users can trace multiple cams at a time publishing the cam's screenshots to Apple .Mac accounts. It provides a built-in camera wizard for easy setup on Macs. So far On Air supports the following cameras:

  • iSight
  • Linksys WVC54G-EU
  • Siemens Gigaset Kamera
  • Allnet IP Cam ALL2200
  • Allnet IP Cam ALL2210

We are working on adding more cameras to this list in the future. On Air is only available in English right now and can be purchased for US$ 39.95 in our store.

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