Trick or Treat: VPN Tracker 4.5.1 Is Our Treat for You

After all the beta testing and hard work, we are proud to announce the release of VPN Tracker 4.5.1. We have added some new features, fixed a multitude of issues and added improvements all over the place.

Don't be spooked, have a look at the complete list of changes:

  • Added workaround for an issue in Mac OS X Server 10.4 causing to create IP packets with corrupt checksums
  • Increased limit of local/remote networks to 30
  • Improved automatic NAT-T/IPSec Passthrough detection
  • Fixed DHCP (SonicWALL) feature for dial-up and some DSL/Cable modem connections
  • Fixed issues with DNS settings not set correctly when using Client Provisioning
  • Fixed issue where DNS settings were not restored correctly after stopping VPN connection
  • Fixed issues with importing certificates and connections
  • Fixed autostart on login feature
  • Fixed possible corruption of pre-shared key when deleting connections
  • Fixed error complaining about missing files during connection start

Don't miss out on all these great changes - update today, its free. You can find the free update on our VPN Tracker Download Page.

Lastly, we, the equinux Team, would like to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.

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