tizi & the UK Digital Switchover

It's been just over a month since the hugely publicised UK Digital Switchover was completed in London.  The UK's garbage dumps brimmed with old TV sets and Twitter was bombarded by Londoners' pictures of the Crystal Palace tower's light show that took place to celebrate it.

Check out Andrew Grantham's snap of the 18th April in London on the left.

With our great tizi product range, we here at equinux were keeping a keen eye on all the happenings around that time to see what people were making of it.

So what's it all about?

We got a lot of questions from customers asking us what they needed to be aware of.
Basically, almost the entire country has now completed the digital transition, thus analogue TV signals have been switched off in most areas of the UK. This is interesting, because the major broadcasters; such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4; who dominated the analogue signals, are now simply broadcasting over digital like every other Freeview channel.

It also means digital TV reception will improve in these areas and higher quality programmes being broadcast but also requires some action to gain the optimal viewing experience: You'll need to retune to make sure you have all the correct digital TV frequencies.

Luckily with tizi it's simple. Users merely tap on "Search for Channels" in settings and they're done. tizi showing again exactly how convenient it can be. Just throw it in your bag with everything else and you've got mobile TV wherever you go!

Bottom line is: if your area recently switched, simply run a new channel search. Then tizi can make use of all the great new signal strengths that are finally flying around the UK and you can have a quick flick through the channels whenever you like. So why not hook yourself up with a tizi now!

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