MediaCentral 1.2.1 Supports Apple Remote and Intel Macs

Today equinux released a minor but essential update to MediaCentral, supporting the Apple Remote and Intel Macs. This coincides ingeniously with new Mac Minis.

Welcome to MediaCentral 1.2.1

  • New: MediaCentral supports the Apple Remote (Due to the lack of support for Apple Remote development, there may be a reoccurrence of the last function performed with the Apple Remote upon quitting MediaCentral).
  • New: Universal Binary allows MediaCentral to operate natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. WebTV will be limited until universal binaries for RealPlayer and Windows Media Player become available.
  • Improved: MPEG2 video playback performance and efficiency have been enhanced
  • Improved: Quicktime plug-in now supports multiple audio tracks
  • Improved: Slight speed bump for menu navigation
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs have been resolved and overall performance has been enhanced

To take advantage of the latest release of MediaCentral, download MediaCentral 1.2.1 and be entertained. Should you have any questions or requests pertaining to MediaCentral, do not hesitate to contact us.

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