VPN Tracker Beta Program Announced!

equinux has just begun a Beta Program for our VPN Tracker users. If you meet the appropriate qualifications, you will be able to test future versions of VPN Tracker before its release. We are doing this, as many others do, to be certain that when a new version is released, there will be no hiccups in the updated program. This Beta Program will bring us, the equinux team and you, our loyal clients, one step closer thereby giving us the ability to recognize the needs and features of the end-users much sooner than ever possible before.

We would like those who are interested in joining our Beta Program to:

  • be professional users familiar with IPsec VPNs
  • have the resources to test beta software and provide feedback
  • have ability to send log files and configuration information from both sides of a given connection

In this current Beta of VPN Tracker - VPN Tracker 4 (1B58), the following feature(s) has been added:

  • Cisco Load Balancing Compatibility

Joining the VPN Tracker Beta Program is free and easy. Please note that you will need your existing equinuxID - this is the same ID that was created when you first registered your software. If you do not have an equinuxID, please create an equinux ID. Go to the VPN Tracker Beta page.

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